System Control Board (SCBEVO-8)

The SCBEVO-8 is a 12 axis motion controller for use in Flying Probe Testers for PCBs.

The module is perfectly driven and controlled by the FourStars-ES ProbeStar Software.

The main function of the SCB are:

  • Generation of pulse/direction signals for Servo-Amplifiers and Stepper-Motor-Controllers
  • Handling of axis end- and reference-switches
  • Test-Probe compression control

                        SCBEVO-8     (modified picture sharpness to save IP)

The  module contains:

  • Power connector for single 24V DC supply
  • Local voltage regulators
  • Analog components (converters, amplifiers, etc. )
  • High performance (Altera) FPGA for real time calculation of speed profiles and pulse generation
  • FPGA integrated soft cores for smart data handling
  • Interface to  Motor amplifiers
  • Synchronization port to measuring devices
  • USB-Interface to the controlling PC


  • Programmable parameter each axis:
    • stepsize (typ. 1 µm)
    • distance (steps)
    • max. speed forward/backward (steps/s)
    • acceleration forward/backward/z-detect (steps/s²)
    • jerk-suppression (steps/s³)
    • etc.
  • Field upgradable firmware for CPU and FPGA