Dual Side Automation for Flying Probe Testers

roboStar-2S Automation is a machine for loading and unloading PCBs into/from 2 Flying Probe Testers.

roboStar Automation is perfectly driven and controlled by the FourStars-ES ProbeStar Software.

The main functions of roboStar are:

  • Load PCB from Input-Stack into FPTs.
  • Unload PCB from FPTs to Good- or Bad-Stack.
  • Switch Jobs and PCB Sizes during operation without operator interaction
  • Optional Error Tag allocation

roboStar-2S Automation

The unit contains:

  • 4 axis robot with vacuum gripper to handle PCBs
  • Removable Input-Trolley with PCB Input-Stack ( for PCBs to be tested)
  • Removable Output-Trolley with PCB Good-Stack and PCB Bad-Stack (for tested PCBs)
  • Power Supplies, Vacuum Generator
  • High performance SoC for real time robot control and PCB management
  • Gigabit-Ethernet-Interface to the controlling FPT-PC
  • Integrated Video-Camera for secure operation

Mechanical Solution:

  • State of the Art components
  • Assembled and tested at FourStarsES


  • PCB physical Parameters:
    • Minimum Size: 115 mm x 115 mm x 1.0 mm (w x h x t)
    • Maximum Size: 460 mm x 325 mm x 2,5 mm (w x h x t)
    • Maximum Weigth: 1 kg
  • Stack Size:
    • 420 mm
    • 420 PCBs @1.0 mm thickness
    • 262 PCBs @ 1.6 mm thickness
  • Power:
    • Voltage: 230V/110V, 50/60 Hz
    • Maximum Current: 10A/16A
    • Maximum Consumption: 2kW
  • Air:
    • Pressure: 5 bar
    • Maximum Consumption: 395l/min