Isolation Measuring Device (IMD)

The IMD is a device for isolation measurement in Flying Probe Testers for PCBs.

The IMD is perfectly driven and controlled by the FourStars-ES ProbeStar Software.

The main functions of the IMD is:

  • High Resistance measurement up to 10 G-Ohm ( 10000 MOhm)

                            IMD     (modified picture sharpness to save IP)

The IMD contains:

  • Power connector for single 24V DC supply
  • Local voltage regulators
  • References
  • High voltage generator
  • High voltage n-/p-channel switches
  • Analog components (converters, amplifiers, etc. )
  • Interface to the measuring probes
    max. cable length to contacting probes: 8 m each
  • USB-Interface to the controlling PC


  • Resistance Measurement:
    • Test-Voltage 50V <= voltage <= 1000V
    • 10kOhm <= resistance <= 10 GOhm
    • Auto ranging   (5 discrete ranges)