General Purpose Analog (GPA)

The GPA is a module for multiple analog processes in Flying Probe Testers for PCBs.

The GPA is perfectly driven and controlled by the FourStars-ES ProbeStar Software.

The main functions of the GPA are:

  • Continuity measurement
  • Capacitance measurement
  • Four-Wire low resistance measurement
  • Four-Wire component measurement

                                      GPA     (modified picture sharpness to save IP)

The  module contains:

  • Power connector for single 24V DC supply
  • Local voltage regulators
  • References
  • Analog components (converters, amplifiers, etc. )
  • High performance (Altera) FPGA for real time data processing of analog information
  • FPGA integrated soft cores for smart data handling and process control
  • Interface to the measuring probes (Hirose PO6 coax connectors)
    max. cable length to contacting probes: 8 m each
  • USB-Interface to the controlling PC

Mechanical Solution:

  • Sandwich solution for easy integration into different tester types
  • Assembled and tested at FourStarsES


  • Four-Wire low Resistance:
    • Resolution: 1 µΏ   (micro Ohm)
    • Repeatability: 5 µΏ   (laboratory environment, 5 m cables)
    • Max. R: 35.4 Ώ
    • Auto ranging   (10 discrete ranges)
  • 2 wire regular resistance and 4WK component measurement
    • Resolution: 1 mΏ   (milli Ohm)
    • Max. R: 1 MΏ   (MegOhm)
    • Auto ranging (12 discrete ranges)
  • Capacitance measurements:
    • Resolution: 1 fF   (femto Farad)
    • Max. C: 100nF   (nano Farad)
    • Auto ranging   (5 discrete ranges)
  • Field upgradable firmware for CPU and FPGA