OctaStar Software

Introducing the OctaStar Software

From Four Stars-ES comes the OctaStar software: the latest generation of Flying Probe Software for the Micronic Innovation Series test systems.  Introduced in Winter 2022, this software has been redesigned for twenty eight axis, eight head control in both dual image and single image modes.

In addition to newer, faster motion and optimization techniques the User Interface has been updated and streamlined to allow for customer customization.  The redesign also provides more screen area to display critical information  that was previously unavailable.

Features migrated from the ProbeStar Software to the OctaStar Software include, but are not limited to:

  • Kelvin and Embedded Component Test Support
  • 1000 Volt and 10 Giga Ohm Isolation Test Support.
  • HiPot Testing
  • Extended alignment and test functionality for specialized manufacturing processes.
  • Extended error reporting and printout options.
  • Work Order Based test reporting and statistic gathering.
  • MES (Manufacturing Execution System) support.

Note: Based on licensing options and distributor, not all features may be available.