ProbeStar Software

Introducing the ProbeStar Software

From Four Stars-ES comes the ProbeStar software; the next generation of Flying Probe Software for the Micronic Evolution Series, Ultim8 and Loc8 test systems.  Completely redesigned by the same group that developed the original software controls for these systems, the next generation offers improved performance at a reasonable price.

Improved performance is just one part of the attraction of the redesigned test software. When using reference (capacitance) based test, production panels test time improvements of up to 40% have been reported; on single image test panels improvements of 15% have been reached.

In addition, the software is more flexible, easier to use, and provides many features that makes the production test of panels faster, easier, and more secure.

Some features available on these test systems available only using the ProbeStar Software include, but are not limited to:

  • Four Stars ES supplied UMD and GPA support.
  • Evolution 8 series support.
  • 1000 Volt and 10 Giga Ohm Isolation Test Support (on select hardware configurations).
  • Evolution Series Extended Test Area Support.
  • TFI verification of select 3rd Party Universal and Dedicated Fixture Testers.
  • Extended alignment and test functionality for specialized manufacturing processes.
  • Extended error reporting and printout options.
  • Work Order Based test reporting and statistic gathering.

Note: Based on licensing options and distributor, not all features may be available.