Chinese New Year 2019/2020

Februar 7th, 2020 | Posted by bdriller in 2020 - (Kommentare deaktiviert für Chinese New Year 2019/2020)
Wall Print at Micronic

Picture above shows a diagram printed on the wall in Micronic’s entrance hall doumenting the large technological steps Micronic and Four Stars Engineering have made together since establishment of the companies.


Tony Wong translating Bernhard’s speech

Influenced from the contents of the diagram, the milestones of the commen history were the subject of Bernhard’s speech during the annual lunch at Chinese New Year Celebration 2019/2020:

  • EVO-2 Test-System
  • High Speed EVO-3 and High Accuracy EVO-6 Test-Systems
  • 1000V Isolation Test
  • 4 Wire Kelvin Low Resistance Test
  • Multi Function EVO-8 Test-System
  • High Speed EVO-7 Test-System
  • 10 GigaOhm Isolation Test and HiPot Test Functionality
  • Next Generation EVO8-Plus test system
  • Single Sided Automation for Loading and Unloading
  • Double Sided Automation