Software Suite

Introducing the FSES Software Suite and ProbeStar+ Software

From Four Stars-ES comes a new Software Package that enhances and extends the capabilities of the FSES testing environment.  The new FSES Software Suite, along with the enhanced ProbeStar+ software, provides a uniform environment for test setup, testing, analysis, and test floor management.  Built around the existing and common ProbeStar interface, the three modules of the Software Suite are easy to use and require no additional intensive training.

In addition to all of the familiar functions already available in the ProbeStar software, the three modules of the Software Suite offer several new features.

Data Management:

  • Using IPC-D-356A as standard input provides universal support for new and existing customers without the need for expensive and time consuming training on new CAM software.
  • Test Floor Synchronization ensures all testers on the test floor use the same test information and settings for each job.
  • Kelvin Test Generation for several different modes of test.
  • Automated Image Selection for easy and automatic flat test file separation into individual images.
  • Panel Creation for dynamic multiple image setup offline to avoid time consuming CAM reprogramming.

Test Analysis

  • Error Viewing and Analysis based on the ProbeStar user interface.  Includes support of select 3rd party testers at no additional cost.
  • Test Evaluation for detailed retest analysis.
  • Multiple levels of report generation.

System Monitor

  • System Status Monitoring for real time status updates for each ProbeStar+ driven machine on the test floor.
  • System Analysis gives detailed information on the usage, test results, and error reporting of ProbeStar+ driven and select 3rd party testers based on calendar or time range.
  • Usage Evaluation allows less technical, more commercial based breakdown of each system’s performance and revenue generation.
  • System Setup ensures that each ProbeStar+ driven tester on the test floor uses common test and software parameters.

In addition, the ProbeStar software has been extended to support each new feature and provides all required information to drive the Software Suite.