ProbeStar Version 4.2.0 Released!

September 2nd, 2011 | Posted by ssheades in 2010
  • Extended statistical reporting is now available.
  • Work Order based testing and reporting is now available.
  • The user is now able to manually define special Kelvin or Resistor based tests between selected test locations.
  • The Acceler8 Test File generation has been extended to include MNF file import.

The ProbeStar Test Software is a completely redesigned control software designed for the
Evolution-2 Test Systems and can also be used to drive the existing Loc8 test systems
previously distributed by the former Mania Technologie AG.

For more information please refer to the ProbeStar Software page.

FourStars-ES announces an agreement with Gardien Europe GmbH to provisionally transfer the Maintenance and Service rights for the Evolution-2 Test System from Four Stars-ES to Gardien Europe GmbH.  Four Stars-ES was previously awarded rights for Maintenance and Service within Europe (excluding Spain, Portugal and Italy) by CJ Salvitech, SL.

  • The first technical and strategic meeting between the partners Micronic, Salvitech and FourStars-ES was held in May 2010 in Spain at CJ Salvitech S.L.
  • FourStars-ES’s UMD (Universal Measuring Device) was successfully integrated into the Evolution Flying Probe Test System performing 4WK (Four Wire Kelvin) low resistance measurements on real PCBs.